About the Founder

Eric Raddatz, born in Joliet, Il., wet his feet in the silver screen while working on the set of "Stir of Echoes" as an extra alongside the well known actor Kevin Bacon.

After working in movies such as “Rookie of the Year,’ “Just Visiting,” “Stuck on You,” and television shows such as ER he decided to start writing, producing and directing films of his own. "A Day to Love and Die," his first short scenic conspiracy thriller, premiered in Fort Myers in 2003 and screened at the New York Film and Video Festival. His second film "Barely a Chance," premiered in Fort Myers in 2008 and screened at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival the same year. He shot a documentary on Marcus Jansen and Urban Expression, and is working on several short films, screenplays and film festivals.

Raddatz, who has had a lifelong love affair with the arts has spent much of his career in visual journalism. “My career has seen so many different outlets and tasted so many flavors in the last two decades, from my early years taking an apprenticeship right out of high school to master the skills necessary to produce a Chicago newspaper to designing online, multimedia, film, music, web, print packages and full cinematic productions, to founding the Naples International Film Festival, Fort Myers Film Festival and TGIM to successful fruition. My passion is the arts. My favorite medium is still film, though. I admit to having a deeply intense fetish for the human imagination though—you can quote me on that.”

Raddatz is a multi award-winning presentation editor for Florida Weekly, the largest circulating newsweekly in Southwest Florida. His film resume boasts working with some greats including Kevin Bacon, Matt Damon, Eva Mendes, the Farrelly brothers, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Tara Reid, and Greg Kinnear to name just a few.

You can mix, mingle, grab a drink & intellectualize with local film host and curator Eric Raddatz during live independent film screenings every first Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, where you will get a chance to interact with celebrity judges, local filmmakers, artists, musicians and comedians. Join public discussions after watching short films in consideration for the Fort Myers Film Festival and local student films — then stay for the fun. Special guests, musical acts and interviews will be announced prior to each Monday night. Admission only $10.  

Eric resides in Lee County, Florida with his wife, three children, one dog, one cat, two roaches.